Brand Design

We are experts in thinking & drawing your visual identity to boost your image.

A Creative Advertising Agency in Gurgaon.

Brand strategy

An idea is not creative if it is not strategic. A brand is much more than a "name" or a “logo ". It must be a reflection of the "personality" of a global organization, product or service, and serves as an interface with the target. The brand is so closely linked to the organization, product or service which it depends, its successes (or failures!) In a strong competitive environment, the brand will fully play its role identity. The definition of a strategy for original and relevant brand will be the guarantor of success. We can assist you in defining your brand strategy.

Brand design

Think and draw your visual identity to boost your image. Once developed the brand strategy, the phase of " brand design " can begin. This step is to imagine a name, a logo, a graphic..This is to image the values and brand promise through a creative, original and relevant answer. Whether it is a total creation or updating an existing logo, the " brand design " requires experienced designers in the design of the letter, the noble and discreet business activity. We can assist you in Development and finalization of your brand identity.


Format your messages to boost your communication. Graphic design can be defined as the formal processing of information and knowledge. The graphic designer is therefore the conditions of reception and appropriation of information and knowledge that is shaped. His areas of interventions illustration, poster, corporate communications, publishing, packaging, advertising, web design, signage. We can assist you in creating your communications materials from conception to completion.

Brain stimulation is a daily exercise at GWD. We propel ideas, accelerators and amplifiers thoughts.

Aware of the power of word and image, we handle them with modesty. GWD has the desire to improve our visual environments, the desire to produce useful as well as pleasant . GWD do not hesitate to get involved.

We provide Ad Design, Advertisement Design and other Graphic Work.